Mental Skills Training Programs

“Athletes of Character” is a sportsmanship training program for youth athletes focused on character building, goal setting and effective communication techniques that extend past the playing field.

Corporate Leadership Programs

Using a company’s Mission Statement, current challenges will be identified and a tactical solution will be created that increases profitability, retention and growth.

Team Sports Programs

Develop a strategic plan that focuses on each player’s targeted goals, leadership skills, team framework and character enhancements.

Athlete Development Programs

One-on-one personal development utilizing learned skills, behaviors, and past experiences to help each individual enhance their skills for growth and success.

Corporate Development Programs

Assist in developing team identity and creating a step-by-step process to improve team chemistry, time management and team productivity.

Corporate Sales Programs

Enhance techniques that focus on lead generation, cold calling, presentation skills and closing methods which drive revenue and growth.

Empowering Change Through Positive Leadership and Trust
Engage in the Vision-Action-Change process

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The Process of Results

How do we measure results? Most people will measure results by the outcome of an event. Young athletes will begin to measure them by how we communicate the outcome of those results. For example, at an early age, children don’t know the difference between winning and losing. When you sign them up to play a sport, it is often between the ages of 3 and 5. They know when something happens and everyone cheers, it must have been good! They…

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DAARI Part 3 – Accountability

Have you ever imagined what life would be like if everyone held themselves to the highest level of accountability? Children would get their homework completed without repeated questions from their parents and those in the workplace would show up to work on time and complete their duties. I have to imagine a world of efficiency and independence. So, let’s ask ourselves one simple question: How can we teach and coach accountability to our young athletes?   Since 75% of Americans play…

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DAARI Part 2 – Action

The process of doing something to achieve an aim defines action.  Action builds trust and respect.  Action also elevates a person’s confidence when goals are accomplished.  It’s important that young athletes have a working knowledge of how to create action when looking to achieve their goals.  We want to make sure that our action is measurable to the goal and not just for the sake of saying we did something.  Hitting 50 balls off of a tee isn’t the same…

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DAARI Part 1 – Discipline

The upcoming series of blogs will focus on 5 fundamental aspects of creating a strong foundation in your life. Whether you are looking at getting into a “leadership role” or you are a young athlete looking to be a leader of your sports team, these 5 areas of focus will help you achieve that those goals. Almost ten years ago I was building a leadership program for the Fortune 500 company where I was a part of the management team.…

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AH-HA Moments

What does it mean when someone says, “You’ve changed my life?” How does it make one feel to hear this? I’d like to spend a few minutes talking about life-changing events, how they happen, and what it means to me. Spending time with youth sports organizations allows me to see and hear the ebbs and flows of emotions that coaches, players, and parents experience. Each one of these entities is looking to accomplish a goal, whether written down or not.…

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As I sat on the airplane heading home from a recent Program 15 baseball camp, I had a chance to reflect back on the different discussions that were had over the course of the two days of training. With each discussion came more insight as to how important it is to connect the dots between the parents, players, and the coaches. Here are a few examples: Parents sit in the stands with baited breath as the kids go through each…

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New Year’s Goals and Plans

The New Year always brings out thoughts and ideas about making changes in life in the form of RESOLUTIONS. The dictionary defines a resolution as, “a firm decision to do or not to do something,” or the “action of solving a problem.” Many of these thoughts of change have been on the minds of people for quite some time but are pushed aside for various reasons. Some would say it’s due to a lack of focus, lack of confidence or natural…

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Manage Processes, Not People

You would be hard pressed to find an employee that desires management over leadership.   Since management focuses on the process of a task, many in a leadership role tend to stick in this space as it may be what is most familiar.  It’s much easier to ask someone, “Hey, did you get that done?”  Management is focused on the actual process of a task and leadership is focused on the person’s ability to carry out the task based on teaching,…

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There’s No “I” In Team

I’ve quite often witnessed parents in the stands instructing their kids to do something that completely contradicts the instructions of the coaches, and the majority of the time it’s going against the concept of the TEAM. TEAM stands for, “Together Everyone Achieves More.” In the world of scholarships, professional contracts and entitlement, coaches are consistently fighting the battle of how to get individuals to perform as a team, think as a team, behave as a team and win as a…

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