Game Day Interference

How many times have we seen an athlete stop while in the middle of a game because one or both of their parents have summoned them? First off, once the game begins, the parent’s role is to become a cheerleader. Supporting the athletes and recognizing good efforts is more important than trying to give feedback or instructions in the middle of play.  Second, anything that takes the athlete’s mind away from the game is deemed a distraction. I imagine that most…

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Constructive Feedback

Have you ever wondered about the evaluation process at your organization? Is it as clear for you as it is for your boss and have they thoroughly explained it? From the beginning of our ability to learn and throughout our life, we are continually looking for feedback on our personal and professional performance. As a child, the feedback from our parents, teachers, and coaches set the tone for how we will receive feedback as an adult. Once in the workplace,…

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Visualize Success

When you are not putting in a maximum effort, what are you thinking about that’s taking away from your ability to perform at the highest level? When do you begin thinking about the next practice or the next game? What kind of mental preparation should we do and when does it begin? The answer is in you and it is individualized. There are many that believe in superstition and follow the same process for every athletic event. There are some…

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