What is most important to you?

To better assist youth athletes in their growth and development, it is beneficial to have insight into their viewpoint. As a part of the assessment preceding a training seminar, I survey the youths who will be attending with questions that help me understand their perspective. During my recent training in Katy, Texas with the Program 15 Baseball Development Program, I posed a question to a group of young men between the ages of 9-18. The athletes were asked, “What is…

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Vacation Time

There is a reason that companies give their employees  “vacation” time.  This time is typically earned over weeks and months due to the amount of work that your environment requires. Most people want to make a great first impression when newly hired and they will go above and beyond to prove that they were the “correct” hire.  However, it is important to realize that this company was in business before you and will probably be in business after you. Your…

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