There’s No “I” In Team

I’ve quite often witnessed parents in the stands instructing their kids to do something that completely contradicts the instructions of the coaches, and the majority of the time it’s going against the concept of the TEAM. TEAM stands for, “Together Everyone Achieves More.” In the world of scholarships, professional contracts and entitlement, coaches are consistently fighting the battle of how to get individuals to perform as a team, think as a team, behave as a team and win as a…

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Out of the Box Leadership

Great leaders recognize the importance of individuality within the framework of a team. No team can be successful without the unique skills brought to the group by each member. If everyone were the same, then it would be an assembly line, not a team. The leader’s challenge is to find the harmony between varying talents to orchestrate a cohesive unit that maximizes productivity and success. If a leader does not take the time to get to know each member of…

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Cultivate your Creativity

Being a successful sales person starts with believing in you. Do you believe in your skills, your passion for the craft that you have chosen, and are you optimistically enthusiastic? If you aren’t excited about your company and product, the potential customers will see right through you. If it’s just a job, it’s hard to get motivated and to think outside the norm and drive towards success. You must show unwavering confidence from the time you wake up in the…

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