Corporate Programs

The Corporate Leadership Development program includes an independent and objective evaluation of company leadership in consideration of the organization’s needs, goals and value proposition. Cultivation of leaders focused on both relationships and results will promote customer satisfaction, employee value and successful execution of the organization’s strategic plans.

Leadership Development

  • Conduct a deep dive review of business processes and procedures
  • Identify stakeholders and perform a Strength–Weaknesses–Opportunities–Threats (SWOT) analysis
  • Coach, train and develop leadership teams on any and all levels within an organization
  • Establish a Leadership Model to formulate the framework for talent development and management
  • ŸFoster a “team first” environment to maximize impact on the internal customer
  • Employ the Vision – Action – Change process

Team 1

Sales programs target assessing and developing employee skills and motivations while expanding an organization’s production opportunities.


  • ŸDevelop and implement a dynamic, standardized training program for recruiters or sales divisions
  • Create individual or standardized plans to increase productivity and profitability
  • Develop or adjust sales presentations and scripts in alignment with sales efficiencies and market opportunitiesŸ
  • Analyze and expand time management skills to maximize productivity
  • Promote constructive behavioral changes within the companyŸ
  • Employ the Vision – Action – Change process

Business professionals seeking to expand and enhance individual performance and to contribute value to a team will evaluate and understand behavioral characteristics for future improvement and to reinforce interpersonal relations and mechanisms of self-regulation for disciplined long-term success.

Individual Professional Development

  • Conduct behavioral assessment
  • Assess professional goals and expectations
  • Skills and aptitude evaluations
  • Enhance communication skills and techniques
  • Improve peer relationships
  • Promote professionalism with integrity
  • Prepare high potential clients for future executive opportunities
  • Employ the Vision – Action – Change process