Being a successful sales person starts with believing in you. Do you believe in your skills, your passion for the craft that you have chosen, and are you optimistically enthusiastic? If you aren’t excited about your company and product, the potential customers will see right through you. If it’s just a job, it’s hard to get motivated and to think outside the norm and drive towards success. You must show unwavering confidence from the time you wake up in the morning. The confidence allows you to have a creative thought process and keeps you on the road of organization. There will be days where you are alone, not feeling excited about your day. You wont have appointments and your referrals aren’t calling you back. You must be able to think through this. Remember to review your calendar in advance and preplan your days. This helps you avoid those pitfalls of not having enough business for each day. Lastly, have you laid out a strategic plan that allows you to change course midstream if you aren’t having success? Using SMART goals gives you structure and direction, visibility to the process, and can help measure the results.

Let’s take a look at the impact of organization and creativity. It’s virtually impossible to not have an organizer or a calendar to keep you on track. How can you possible know whether or not something is working or not if you don’t track and measure the results? If you are door knocking, what is your ratio of knocks to answers and answers to scheduled appointments? Be creative with your schedule (daytime vs. nighttime or weekday vs. weekend). Your creativity allows you to think about your success rates, but your organization gives you the answers. Being creative also allows you to receive feedback form those you trust. Through creativity, you’re allowed to try things that your mind says, “it won’t work,” but your heart says, “it will.” We are creatures of habit and that minimizes our growth potential if we don’t recognize it. Habits are great to have as long as the habits progress you. We call those habits, “work ethic.” Strong work ethic with purpose and vision will progress you to success and allow for your creative thought process to propel you through positive change.

Develop and use your own personal methods that will allow you to cultivate your creativity. The key is simply to realize what exactly is harming your creativity and then conquer it. This will help improve your sales performance, as well as your own self-image, and this is priceless in expanding your opportunities and creating your own successful future.