workflowToo often a person is hired or promoted into a leadership role and the “black hole manager” monster immediately gobbles them up. They begin spending more time in the business rather than on the business of teaching, coaching, training and motivating employees. Employees must be armed with knowledge and skills that allow them to work independently and to grow. I’ve always equated a leadership role to a schoolteacher role. Our job as a leader is to transfer knowledge as information in a multi-dimensional form that allows everyone to capture it, regardless of learning styles. We must develop a detailed plan of learning that elevates our employees and puts them into a position of being positively influenced by our leadership. Once we have captured their attention, we can provide activities that will assist them in applying their newfound skills and using knowledge to continue to learn mentoring 6from their managers. This will also encourage the needed learning skills for organizational advancement.  A leader must spend a minimum of 50% of their work week teaching, training, coaching and motivating.  It is imperative to administer the processes of your workload to not allow the management of operations to overtake your opportunities to lead and cultivate your employees.  The balance is to successfully manage the business to enable you to devote time to lead.