one more

In the world of sports, there is a term called “one more.” This is the one extra rep that you do before moving on to the next exercise. This is the same for sales reps. “One more door knock,” “one more phone call,” “one more closing question,” “one more referral”… It’s the above-the-call-of-duty actions that will vault you to the top of your field. It is a key strategy in the sales industry, however this concept can be applied to any avenue. What are you going to do above and beyond the person next to you that will set you apart? What steps are you taking for that “one more” move? Are you unclear on your direction or next step? Establish or revisit your SMART goals and formulate a plan. Define your VISION, pursue goals through taking ACTION, and flourish in the resulting positive and effective CHANGE. It’s time to challenge yourself: What will be your next “one more?”