Mental Skills Training Programs

“Athletes of Character” is a sportsmanship training program for youth athletes focused on character building, goal setting and effective communication techniques that extend past the playing field.

Corporate Leadership Programs

Using a company’s Mission Statement, current challenges will be identified and a tactical solution will be created that increases profitability, retention and growth.

Team Sports Programs

Develop a strategic plan that focuses on each player’s targeted goals, leadership skills, team framework and character enhancements.

Athlete Development Programs

One-on-one personal development utilizing learned skills, behaviors, and past experiences to help each individual enhance their skills for growth and success.

Corporate Development Programs

Assist in developing team identity and creating a step-by-step process to improve team chemistry, time management and team productivity.

Corporate Sales Programs

Enhance techniques that focus on lead generation, cold calling, presentation skills and closing methods which drive revenue and growth.

Empowering Change Through Positive Leadership and Trust
Engage in the Vision-Action-Change process

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Out of the Box Leadership

Great leaders recognize the importance of individuality within the framework of a team. No team can be successful without the unique skills brought to the group by each member. If everyone were the same, then it would be an assembly line, not a team. The leader’s challenge is to find the harmony between varying talents to orchestrate a cohesive unit that maximizes productivity and success. If a leader does not take the time to get to know each member of…

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Cultivate your Creativity

Being a successful sales person starts with believing in you. Do you believe in your skills, your passion for the craft that you have chosen, and are you optimistically enthusiastic? If you aren’t excited about your company and product, the potential customers will see right through you. If it’s just a job, it’s hard to get motivated and to think outside the norm and drive towards success. You must show unwavering confidence from the time you wake up in the…

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Foundations for Success

The best laid plans of young athletes involves positive parental involvement, an environment conducive to learning, a SMART goal (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely), actionable plans, a good circle of influence and coaches that foster learning, developing, mentoring and teamwork.  If we go back to the time when kids begin to learn and develop, they are surrounded by direction and discipline.  Most parents, even if its not predetermined, establish a plan of how they will raise their child.  What…

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Sales Prospecting

The ability to be creative when prospecting, working with customers, and developing solutions has always been an important aspect of a salesperson’s success. You must identify the vertical market that you want to prospect, have a solid game plan based off of SMART Goals, and get organized for daily prospecting. Prospecting varies based on the markets that interest you but the activity of capturing opportunities shouldn’t change. Whether you are making phone calls, knocking on doors, using social media, or…

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Coaching Plans

The best coaches will coach their athletes during practice and help make minor adjustments during the game.  I had a coach once tell me, “If you go into a game unprepared, we together didn’t do a good job during practice getting you ready.” Games are for adjustments, not for a coach to explain or dictate each action of the game. This doesn’t mean coaches sit down and do nothing during games. However, play-by-play coaching isn’t productive for the young athletes…

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What could I have done differently?

There will be many instances in a sports coach’s career where they’ve asked themselves, “What could I have done differently?” I would like to say; I am no different. As a coach of people, I’m always looking for ways to improve and it starts with, “Am I doing things the right way and for the right reason?” This leads me to speak about Pat Summitt. Coach Summitt is one of the GREATEST coaches – either man or woman – to…

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Are You “That Parent”?

Have you ever sat in the stands of a youth sporting event and wondered why so many parents are spending their time screaming instructions at their kids? If you have, you are not alone. Many spectators have witnessed “that parent” or better yet, they have been “that parent.” Parenting and sideline coaching almost go hand-in-hand in today’s sports forum. What was once a place for parents and spectators alike to enjoy on weekends has become more like watching an NFL…

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The Car Ride Home

This will not be the first or last discussion on parent and athlete interaction, before, during, or after their sporting event. However, I would like to take a bit of a different approach in this particular discussion since it’s coming directly from the athletes themselves. This will be the first part in a series of blogs that will touch on what is an age-old question. How can we change the uncomfortable feeling for the athletes and the eventual feeling of…

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What is most important to you?

To better assist youth athletes in their growth and development, it is beneficial to have insight into their viewpoint. As a part of the assessment preceding a training seminar, I survey the youths who will be attending with questions that help me understand their perspective. During my recent training in Katy, Texas with the Program 15 Baseball Development Program, I posed a question to a group of young men between the ages of 9-18. The athletes were asked, “What is…

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Vacation Time

There is a reason that companies give their employees  “vacation” time.  This time is typically earned over weeks and months due to the amount of work that your environment requires. Most people want to make a great first impression when newly hired and they will go above and beyond to prove that they were the “correct” hire.  However, it is important to realize that this company was in business before you and will probably be in business after you. Your…

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