Mental Skills Training Programs

“Athletes of Character” is a sportsmanship training program for youth athletes focused on character building, goal setting and effective communication techniques that extend past the playing field.

Corporate Leadership Programs

Using a company’s Mission Statement, current challenges will be identified and a tactical solution will be created that increases profitability, retention and growth.

Team Sports Programs

Develop a strategic plan that focuses on each player’s targeted goals, leadership skills, team framework and character enhancements.

Athlete Development Programs

One-on-one personal development utilizing learned skills, behaviors, and past experiences to help each individual enhance their skills for growth and success.

Corporate Development Programs

Assist in developing team identity and creating a step-by-step process to improve team chemistry, time management and team productivity.

Corporate Sales Programs

Enhance techniques that focus on lead generation, cold calling, presentation skills and closing methods which drive revenue and growth.

Empowering Change Through Positive Leadership and Trust
Engage in the Vision-Action-Change process

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The Trident Effect

The beauty of coaching young athletes is seeing the results of their work, their parents’ work and the coach’s work. However, it takes 100 percent commitment on everyone’s behalf in order for this to happen. Coaches Coach, Parents Parent and Players Play. I call this the Trident effect. Each one of these components make up the Parents-Players-Coaches Trident and provides the stability necessary to have a positive impact. I’ve seen many instances where the Trident is weakened because of minimal, ineffective…

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“One More”

In the world of sports, there is a term called “one more.” This is the one extra rep that you do before moving on to the next exercise. This is the same for sales reps. “One more door knock,” “one more phone call,” “one more closing question,” “one more referral”… It’s the above-the-call-of-duty actions that will vault you to the top of your field. It is a key strategy in the sales industry, however this concept can be applied to any…

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Parental Support

The best line that you can say after your son or daughter’s sporting event is: “I LOVE YOU and I AM PROUD OF YOU.”  This statement shows that you have unconditional love and appreciation for your child regardless of what happened on the sports field and your support will never change. In today’s society, we put too much pressure on young athletes to score a goal, hit a homerun, beat the last time on the clock, make the save, or…

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Learning to Lead

The most effective coaches are those that have been properly coached. “You must first become a follower before you can become a leader.” Find someone in your organization who you look up to and admire. Ask this person to work with you and help you understand the steps needed to become a good coach/leader. Watch how they carry themselves, interact with their employees, how they motive and respond to daily challenges. There are many steps to becoming a great coach/leader…

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Parental Roles in Youth Sports

Parents “parent,” Players “play,” and Coaches “coach.”  This formula will not work if anyone decides to cross the line into someone else’s role. The athlete is the one most affected and the number one reason everyone is there, yet that focus is sometimes lost.  The parents, players and coaches should work together on a performance plan that ensures there is direction and open communication.  Parents should surround their athlete with the proper resources, which includes people who will be open,…

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Employee Coaching

Effective coaching in a leadership role requires someone that understands, “It’s not about you, it’s about them.” Strong leaders believe in coaching as a tool and recognize the advantages of coaching their employees. Coaching requires time, which many managers don’t believe they have. Coaching managers ask questions that bring about curiosity and allows for the learner to share thoughts that will eventually lead to a learning opportunity. Learners listen to managers they trust and with whom they have built a…

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Sales Performance

Unfortunately, making excuses is often a common practice among average or poor salespeople.  Blaming your own failures on outside factors is just too easy.  Blaming your own shortcomings on factors such as a bad territory or your competition will do nothing for you, your sales performance, or your income.  Take responsibility for your mistakes and your lost sales, and use what you’ve learned to creatively approach your next opportunity.

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An Athlete’s Foundation

Parents, Athletes and Coaches… A broken process means a broken foundation. You can’t fix what you don’t admit is broken. This takes a very honest approach and no ego. Ask for help in rebuilding the foundation to ensure positive change and proper direction.

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Sales Creativity

Creativity does not come easily to many salespeople. Barriers to creativity arise every day, and your ability to identify and conquer these ever-present obstacles will help you increase your sales success. Potential barriers include the following: Routine can be one of the most common barriers to your personal creativity. Following the same routine every day isn’t stimulating but is necessary, inevitable and desirable…too much of it will certainly not help your creative juices flow….take the time to get “outside of…

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Formulating Goals

What do you want to accomplish or change?  Start with Goal setting.  Goals are important as they give you direction.  Following the SMART process provides you with clear direction, attainable targets and the ability to make the necessary changes.  Defining your VISION will allow you to formulate a plan.  Next, take ACTION to achieve your goals.  It can be a small step or a more significant maneuver.  Keep moving forward to progress.  CHANGE will be measurable and evident as you achieve…

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