The best line that you can say after your son or daughter’s sporting event is: “I LOVE YOU and I AM PROUD OF YOU.”  This statement shows that you have unconditional love and appreciation for your child regardless of what happened on the sports field and your support will never change. In today’s society, we put too much pressure on young athletes to score a goal, hit a homerun, beat the last time on the clock, make the save, or score the winning point. Please remember that you only have so many years to enjoy their youth sports years. Scholarships and professional sports shouldn’t be the reason kids play sports. They should play to learn about team camaraderie, leadership, success and failure, winning and losing. Neither the championships nor the trophies can replace parental love and support. Your children will not only remember you being there, but also the way in which you supported them. This too will be passed on for generations so its important parents remember the example they set. “I LOVE YOU and I AM PROUD OF YOU” will last longer than a plaque, trophy or ribbon – the words will not fade and cannot be thrown away!

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