character 6

Your athlete’s success or lack of achievement in sports does not indicate what kind of parent you are… But having an athlete of strong character that is coachable, respectful, resilient, and tries his or her best IS a direct reflection of your parenting.  We must remember that sports are an introduction into so many things and it can be used as a springboard for life’s lessons.  Being a supportive parent on the sideline, not yelling at the officials, saying kind things about your athlete’s teammates, and allowing the coaches to do their best provides the examples that our young athletes are looking for and needing.  We cannot forget that being a “sports parent” is no different than being a parent.  Unlike a time clock in sports, your sports parenting clock doesn’t stop because the game is over.   You are always being evaluated and judged by your kids, other parents, coaches, etc.  Character doesn’t take breaks; character doesn’t stop because an event is over.  Character is for life and its on display each and everyday.  All athletes have a shelf life – some sooner, some later.  However, being a good student, respectful to others and resilient to challenges are skills and traits that will last forever.  As my wife and I have always shared with our sons, “The name on the back of your jersey tells a better story than the one on the front, and it represents the quality and character of the person you are and will grow up to be.”