Time and experience may put you into the mindset that its time to move into a leadership position. To be considered as a leader, one should be able to exhibit the qualities and skills before achieving a position. To ensure a successful entry into a desired leadership position, there are a few questions that must be answered. Are you a leader or a manager?  Since managing is about process and leadership is about people, it is critical to understand the difference. Those around you will be looking at your every move and predetermining your success or failure.  You don’t manage people and you don’t lead process.  The two are quite often switched, which causes dissention within a team.  People want to put forth their best efforts for someone that understands the difference and inspires direction, a positive environment and teamwork.

Do you know how to hire to the qualities that will make up a team of successful people?  Do you understand how to evaluate employee abilities and develop performance? Having the aptitude to enhance or expand their skills and knowledge instills security, resilience and commitment from those on your team. The elements surrounding a strong leader must be established before your promotion, as the work processes may pull you into more of a management role and challenge your ability to focus your daily tasks on the people in your team. With a strong foundation of leadership principles, you will know how to balance being a problem solver, identifying the difference between your role and the company’s role, when to delegate and how important it is to always be a professional.  Being a leader is about putting the team before yourself, but the strength of your leadership skills will foster a better overall team.