Creativity does not come easily to many salespeople. Barriers to creativity arise every day, and your ability to identify and conquer these ever-present obstacles will help you increase your sales success. Potential barriers include the following:

  • Routine can be one of the most common barriers to your personal creativity. Following the same routine every day isn’t stimulating but is necessary, inevitable and desirable…too much of it will certainly not help your creative juices flow….take the time to get “outside of the box.” Identify the opportunities that can produce similar, if not better, results and measure the success for future reference.
  • Negative thoughts and pessimism can also present barriers to your creative thinking ability. Thinking pessimistically is obviously destructive to anything, and your creative ability is no different. The optimist sees an opportunity in every problem, but the pessimist sees a problem in every opportunity. Don’t listen to interior or exterior noise, start your day with a positive quote, remind yourself of past successes and follow your SMART goal for the day!