Constructive Coaching

Sports coaches must remember that they are the models of behavior. Kids are taught to respect their elders, teachers and coaches from the youngest age. When they begin playing sports, the coach is already up on a pedestal as a person of influence. As this young athlete embarks on a future in sports, it is the coach’s communication with them along with influences by their peers and parents that will impact their decision to play short term or long term.…

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The Trident Effect

The beauty of coaching young athletes is seeing the results of their work, their parents’ work and the coach’s work. However, it takes 100 percent commitment on everyone’s behalf in order for this to happen. Coaches Coach, Parents Parent and Players Play. I call this the Trident effect. Each one of these components make up the Parents-Players-Coaches Trident and provides the stability necessary to have a positive impact. I’ve seen many instances where the Trident is weakened because of minimal, ineffective…

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Parental Roles in Youth Sports

Parents “parent,” Players “play,” and Coaches “coach.”  This formula will not work if anyone decides to cross the line into someone else’s role. The athlete is the one most affected and the number one reason everyone is there, yet that focus is sometimes lost.  The parents, players and coaches should work together on a performance plan that ensures there is direction and open communication.  Parents should surround their athlete with the proper resources, which includes people who will be open,…

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