DAARI Part 1 – Discipline

The upcoming series of blogs will focus on 5 fundamental aspects of creating a strong foundation in your life. Whether you are looking at getting into a “leadership role” or you are a young athlete looking to be a leader of your sports team, these 5 areas of focus will help you achieve that those goals. Almost ten years ago I was building a leadership program for the Fortune 500 company where I was a part of the management team.…

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Foundations for Success

The best laid plans of young athletes involves positive parental involvement, an environment conducive to learning, a SMART goal (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely), actionable plans, a good circle of influence and coaches that foster learning, developing, mentoring and teamwork.  If we go back to the time when kids begin to learn and develop, they are surrounded by direction and discipline.  Most parents, even if its not predetermined, establish a plan of how they will raise their child.  What…

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An Athlete’s Foundation

Parents, Athletes and Coaches… A broken process means a broken foundation. You can’t fix what you don’t admit is broken. This takes a very honest approach and no ego. Ask for help in rebuilding the foundation to ensure positive change and proper direction.

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