manage to lead

Out of the Box Leadership

Great leaders recognize the importance of individuality within the framework of a team. No team can be successful without the unique skills brought to the group by each member. If everyone were the same, then it would be an assembly line, not a team. The leader’s challenge is to find the harmony between varying talents to orchestrate a cohesive unit that maximizes productivity and success. If a leader does not take the time to get to know each member of…

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Managing to Lead

Too often a person is hired or promoted into a leadership role and the “black hole manager” monster immediately gobbles them up. They begin spending more time in the business rather than on the business of teaching, coaching, training and motivating employees. Employees must be armed with knowledge and skills that allow them to work independently and to grow. I’ve always equated a leadership role to a schoolteacher role. Our job as a leader is to transfer knowledge as information…

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