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The Car Ride Home

This will not be the first or last discussion on parent and athlete interaction, before, during, or after their sporting event. However, I would like to take a bit of a different approach in this particular discussion since it’s coming directly from the athletes themselves. This will be the first part in a series of blogs that will touch on what is an age-old question. How can we change the uncomfortable feeling for the athletes and the eventual feeling of…

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Parental Support

The best line that you can say after your son or daughter’s sporting event is: “I LOVE YOU and I AM PROUD OF YOU.”  This statement shows that you have unconditional love and appreciation for your child regardless of what happened on the sports field and your support will never change. In today’s society, we put too much pressure on young athletes to score a goal, hit a homerun, beat the last time on the clock, make the save, or…

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