Are You “That Parent”?

Have you ever sat in the stands of a youth sporting event and wondered why so many parents are spending their time screaming instructions at their kids? If you have, you are not alone. Many spectators have witnessed “that parent” or better yet, they have been “that parent.” Parenting and sideline coaching almost go hand-in-hand in today’s sports forum. What was once a place for parents and spectators alike to enjoy on weekends has become more like watching an NFL…

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Parental Roles in Youth Sports

Parents “parent,” Players “play,” and Coaches “coach.”  This formula will not work if anyone decides to cross the line into someone else’s role. The athlete is the one most affected and the number one reason everyone is there, yet that focus is sometimes lost.  The parents, players and coaches should work together on a performance plan that ensures there is direction and open communication.  Parents should surround their athlete with the proper resources, which includes people who will be open,…

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