sales training

Cultivate your Creativity

Being a successful sales person starts with believing in you. Do you believe in your skills, your passion for the craft that you have chosen, and are you optimistically enthusiastic? If you aren’t excited about your company and product, the potential customers will see right through you. If it’s just a job, it’s hard to get motivated and to think outside the norm and drive towards success. You must show unwavering confidence from the time you wake up in the…

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Sales Prospecting

The ability to be creative when prospecting, working with customers, and developing solutions has always been an important aspect of a salesperson’s success. You must identify the vertical market that you want to prospect, have a solid game plan based off of SMART Goals, and get organized for daily prospecting. Prospecting varies based on the markets that interest you but the activity of capturing opportunities shouldn’t change. Whether you are making phone calls, knocking on doors, using social media, or…

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“One More”

In the world of sports, there is a term called “one more.” This is the one extra rep that you do before moving on to the next exercise. This is the same for sales reps. “One more door knock,” “one more phone call,” “one more closing question,” “one more referral”… It’s the above-the-call-of-duty actions that will vault you to the top of your field. It is a key strategy in the sales industry, however this concept can be applied to any…

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