trident effect


As I sat on the airplane heading home from a recent Program 15 baseball camp, I had a chance to reflect back on the different discussions that were had over the course of the two days of training. With each discussion came more insight as to how important it is to connect the dots between the parents, players, and the coaches. Here are a few examples: Parents sit in the stands with baited breath as the kids go through each…

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The Trident Effect

The beauty of coaching young athletes is seeing the results of their work, their parents’ work and the coach’s work. However, it takes 100 percent commitment on everyone’s behalf in order for this to happen. Coaches Coach, Parents Parent and Players Play. I call this the Trident effect. Each one of these components make up the Parents-Players-Coaches Trident and provides the stability necessary to have a positive impact. I’ve seen many instances where the Trident is weakened because of minimal, ineffective…

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