Team Sports Programs

Team Sports Programs are designed to identify and diagnose the objectives of the coaches, parents and athletes, including assessment of skill levels, immediate and long term goals and determining realistic expectations for results.  Team training sessions are customized for the specific needs of each organization.

Team Workshops • Breakout Sessions • On Site Consulting • Leadership Training • Small Group Seminars

Based off Jaxxsun Consulting’s unique “Athletes of Character” program, training offers specific “mental skills” development to strengthen each athlete’s preparedness both on and off the field.  It cultivates unity within a team  while also fostering personal development for each player.

The Parent-Player-Coach Trident provides opportunities for players, parents and coaches to identify their individual roles and interests to then work productively to align their objectives into a cohesive collaboration for an athlete’s and team’s optimum performance.


    • ŸIdentify and attack emotions of fear and failure
    • Direct focus on the “right” things
    • Evaluate dedication and commitment to the sport, coaches and parents
    • Assist with proper goal setting
    • Determine realistic expectations
    • Conduct behavioral assessment
    • Character enhancement
    • Promote and enhance “real life sportsmanship”


      • Assess the foundational basis for coaching
      • Gather coaching backgrounds & methodologies
      • Evaluate communication challenges and/or areas of improvement and self-assessment abilities for strengths and weaknesses
      • Design “best practices” program based off abilities and skill sets to maximize coaching towards goals and results
      • Implement communication policy to foster team building, management and discipline
      • Foster coach-to-parent communication boundaries
      • Balance team goals versus individual athlete goals
      • Ensure realistic expectations

coach 1


      • ŸPromote awareness of parent’s role versus coach’s role
      • Foster communication skills with athletes and coaches
      • Discern the balance between encouragement and pressure
      • Identify parent’s goals in comparison to the athlete’s and ensure they are realistic based on the athlete’s skills set
      • Ensure a clear understanding of the sports education process, including positive and negative reinforcements
      • Foster parent-to-coach communication boundaries
      • Institute parenting principles
      • Assist with athlete goal alignment

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