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Dorian’s presentation is an absolute must-see by both parents and kids.  His presentation gives clear insight and a plan on how to be a better teammate, student athlete, and overall better young man.  It also gives parents some reality on how to communicate with their kids.

-Dr. Kevin J. McGovern, PT, CSCS

Dorian Jackson is a Mental Skills industry “home run hitter.”  I have more than witnessed, I have experienced the captivating substance and style that is shared to all within earshot of this amazing presenter!  Anyone who attends a Dorian Jackson event will leave out a better person!

-Trenidad Hubbard, MLB Player and Coach

Dorian Jackson’s mental skills training and leadership sessions are extraordinary! Without a doubt, these sessions help the athlete inside of them & challenges them to understand how the process is more important than the actual result.  In my opinion, this leads to consistency and more frequent success. The thing that I love about his sessions are that the training exercises apply to life in every way. At the end of the day, his goal comes across as trying to help build great young men, leaders & teammates, and this great combination (of taught & learned skills) leads to a great athlete. 

His sessions are awesome for parents and coaches as well. I can tell you from being both a coach and parent, his sessions have help me in both capacities. 

I would recommend sitting in on a training session with Dorian Jackson to anybody who is looking for self-improvement and awareness. I have tremendous respect for Dorian & his life changing ways to look at life.

-Benji Gil, MLB Player and Coach

Dorian Jackson is a master of communication and possesses an infectious enthusiasm that is instantly motivating. Throughout my career, I have met speakers and leaders that are skilled at addressing an audience and delivering information to subordinates. What separates Dorian is that he truly has a passion to see others succeed at a level they were not aware they could. Dorian is hard-wired to bring immeasurable value to any individual or team he engages. It is one thing to have a formula or a set of directives that, if followed, can produce success. Dorian adds to this a connection with those he coaches that is hard to quantify because he specifically draws out the best in each person he touches.

Dorian Jackson will connect with and improve any team or organization that is fortunate enough to have him join their efforts. His impact here is still felt, and continues to provide an example I personally follow. 

-Jason Mitchell,  Manager Residential Sales, Protection 1 Security Solutions

The by far most important tool any player can have is a positive, confident mindset.  Dorian’s program teaches exactly what not only players, but parents need to know to create success on and off the field. 

-Brian Hunter, MLB Player and Coach with Seattle Mariners AAA

On behalf of the Torrey Pines Baseball Program, I would like to than Dorian for his invaluable service in helping us win the 2018 Open Division CIF Championship.  He met with our team in the Fall and presented his Athletes of Character program, which included in depth discussions about the value of being an athlete of character and how that affects behavior positively.  He also introduced S.M.A.R.T. goal setting to our team.  Most impressively, Dorian followed through with each player individually to help craft their goals via e-mail and text.  Personally, Dorian helped me become a better coach by encouraging more detailed planning in our practices.  If you’re looking for a program to bolster your team’s experience, then Dorian Jackson is highly recommended!

-Kirk McCaskill, Head Varsity Coach of Torrey Pines HS Baseball 

First off, I normally do not write customer testimonials. I tend to only document negative experiences with companies that I’ve had. However, I feel it important to share how amazed I am at the super experience I had working with Dorian Jackson. Dorian is an unconscious leader. In my opinion, on his part, it is effortless. That’s because being a leader is who he is. It’s way more than just something he does. His rare ability to inspire, lift up, motivate, and quite frankly charge those he serves is unparalleled. His counsel comes from a deep place of wisdom, and that I seriously respect. He is a man that creates new leaders. After only a few video conference calls, I had the focus (& know how) I needed in order to take my business to the next level. Dorian, came down to my level, understood where I was, and provided deeply thought out solutions that helped me and my business go higher. I am very grateful to be a client of, and in my mind a friend of, Dorian Jackson.

-Chris Bradford, Dealer Owner of Kingdom Builders LLC

Dorian’s program has dramatically improved our players accountability and his goal setting lessons have been a major factor in us having the best off season training we have had in my 14 years.

-Sean Travers, Director of Player Development,

Ontario Blue Jays & Founder of the Six Four Club

I would just like to thank you for everything you did in that little time you were here and that you helped me really open my eyes and see myself.

-D. Jones, Youth Athlete

You get to know a lot about a colleague’s character, work ethic and leadership when traveling with them for 4 consecutive weeks.  Dorian Jackson is the real deal.  He is both process driven and highly motivational in his approach to leading sales organizations.  The combination of a disciplined approach along with the high energy ability to coach and motivate can be hard to find…but you find both in Dorian.  He gets results.

-Madolyn Wagner, Director of Marketing, ADT Security Services

I had the chance to sit in on one of Dorian’s mental skills seminars.  I wish in all my years as a major league player, especially coming up through the minor leagues, I would have had access to someone like Dorian.  Sometimes we think we know ourselves better than anybody else, but by listening to him I realized something I didn’t know about myself.  I always thought I was an introvert, because I’m always kind of quiet and more of a listener, but he made me realize and makes sense that I am an ambivert – I have both introvert and extrovert personality traits.  Also, at his seminar you will learn how to better understand your kids, how to be a better parent, and how to be a better person in general.  It was very interesting to me to hear how the kids’ expectations and goals in life are somewhat different from the parents’ expectations and goals for them.  In general, I will recommend everyone to make it a priority to sit and listen to one of his seminars – it is for anybody in any walk of life.  You will acquire so much knowledge and information that will empower you to meet whatever goals you set in life.  I’m so blessed and honored to be working on the same team with this man and to get to know him as a friend, and someone I can depend on and trust.

-Roberto Kelly, MLB Player and Coach

I have worked with Dorian on a wide variety of projects over the past two decades and in every instance I have found Dorian’s performance to be competent, professional and effective. He is consistently pleasant and always willing to help, nothing is ever too big of a request for Dorian to handle. He has earned the respect and recognition of a visionary leader with a strong sense of urgency and focus. I am confident in his ability to consistently succeed. Dorian has made a significant contribution to many individuals in the industry and left a legacy of commitment to execution for personal growth and improvement.

-Jason Olson, Commercial Sales Manager, Protection 1 Security Solutions 


Dorian is smart and skilled, but more importantly a gifted manager. His natural people skills and intuitive leadership style earned respect in his department and throughout the organization. His team-building skills are unmatched, and the camaraderie he helped build during his tenure here exists to this day.

Dorian has remarkable marketing talent, with an eye for not only growing the traditional business, but also thinking out of the box seeking out opportunities to expand the business. He has always taken his role seriously and is passionate about his results. Beyond his passion on driving performance, Dorian is a natural leader, and fights hard for his beliefs. He’s at his best in a group environment, and is consciously proactive at getting full involvement of all other team members to derive the best results possible. He has a very effective personal style, and in my opinion will always be looked to for executive leadership positions.

I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Dorian, and sincerely believe he will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to any organization. Dorian has my highest endorsement.

-Jim Condello, Sales Manager, ADT Security Services