Image by © Tetra Images/Corbis

When you are not putting in a maximum effort, what are you thinking about that’s taking away from your ability to perform at the highest level? When do you begin thinking about the next practice or the next game? What kind of mental preparation should we do and when does it begin? The answer is in you and it is individualized. There are many that believe in superstition and follow the same process for every athletic event. There are some that just go with the flow and cannot pinpoint the exact moment in time that they begin preparing. I believe the key in mental preparedness lies in a plan. A plan that helps you understand the importance of readiness and a single focus on meeting your goals. Many pro athletes visualize the moment where they do something spectacular, where success meets stardom. Whether it’s the day before, the morning of or right before the sporting event, you must be locked onto your goal and follow the established plan. Staying the path of the plan helps you avoid mental lapses that cause mistakes in performance. Visualize the moment, block out the noise and stay the course to success.