Have you ever asked yourself this question: “Would you follow you?” I’ve heard the quote many times, “Leaders are born.” I couldn’t disagree more. In order to be a great leader, you must walk in the footsteps of a follower/learner. You must surround yourself with a positive influence in the form of a teacher or mentor – someone that has learned the ways of a leader and is ready to pass along their knowledge to the next. A good coach/mentor/leader has the characteristics and knowledge that will help with goal setting and direction.

In your current state, “Would you follow you?” This is a character-building question that allows you to look inward at your Discipline, Action, Accountability, Responsibility and Integrity (DAARI). These pillars are the foundation of your character. Do you support and inspire your team or colleagues? What type of feedback do you offer to others? Are you trusted by peers and viewed as reliable and a person of integrity? How do you handle challenges and stressful situations? Are you able to smoothly adapt as well as redirect others while avoiding negativity and instilling confidence during change? What leadership styles do you prefer to follow and do you emulate those styles when leading others? Seek input from peers or those you lead to identify what actions or behaviors you should stop, start or continue.

Assess your readiness to lead or your effectiveness in leading and where you can strengthen your skills. A supportive mentor, critical self-assessment and receptiveness to constructive feedback all foster valuable leadership abilities. As a leader, strive to affirmatively answer the question,

“Would you follow you?”